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Emetophobia and Me

Hello readers, welcome back to another of my very strange mental health posts where I try to appropriately write about what goes on in my everyday life, and in my head. Today I’m going to write about my fear of vomiting, also known as, Emetophobia. My fear has been really taking a toll over me… Continue reading Emetophobia and Me

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Eating Restrictions and Anxiety

It’s been going on for half of a year, maybe longer. I’ve never dealt with eating restrictions in my entire life, okay, that’s maybe a lie, because I remember the first time I was in treatment for anxiety, which was when I was diagnosed with only panic disorder at that time, and there were a… Continue reading Eating Restrictions and Anxiety

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Showing Strength in Difficult Times

I’m back with another mental health post today, as I am finally starting to see some better days after my little mental break down the other day, which I even made a post about. I am on day two of feeling better, and I think I’m feeling slightly better today than I did yesterday, so… Continue reading Showing Strength in Difficult Times

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I’m Completely Crashing (TW: Depression & Anxiety)

I honestly don’t know where to begin right now but this week has been the worst. The absolute worst. It’s been effecting my motivation to write, and I don’t feel like doing anything but laying in my bed and not moving until I feel like myself again. I’m crashing, I’m losing myself, and I’m not… Continue reading I’m Completely Crashing (TW: Depression & Anxiety)

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How Does it Feel Being Eighteen?

I just turned eighteen not that long ago, and I’m continuously being asked this same question by numerous people. How does it feel being eighteen? Or in other terms, how does it feel being an adult and having to take full responsibility of yourself? I’ve spent the majority of my teens years just impatiently waiting… Continue reading How Does it Feel Being Eighteen?

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If I Could Speak to Teenage Me

Part of me wants to say that I don’t want to ever speak to the teenage version of me, because I’m trying to make peace with my past and then part of it too, is that I honestly just want to forget that everything that happened in my teenage years because I am so emotionally… Continue reading If I Could Speak to Teenage Me