♡ About ♡

My name is Ravenlynn, I am an 18 year old little lady. I reside in Minneapolis, but I am Cali Dreamin’. My life revolves around writing, yoga, art, photography, self exploration, mental health, my 2 year old pug and kitten, and my amazing loved ones. I am currently battling anxiety and panic disorder, I am very open about it and I will be sharing a lot about my recovery journey, one big roller coaster. You’re in for a ride, so buckle up.

“I didn’t do much else but sit and talk to the land and the trees. I asked for them to heal me, to empower me, and to remind me of the purity of being.”

This blog is made for fun, I don’t know if it’ll ever becoming something “professional”, but for right now I am just discovering new hobbies and new ways to express myself and my everyday life. I love to write, therefore, I thought this would be a really cool idea. Here’s a few things I will  be writing about that will give you a slight idea of what this blog may be about, and it’s up to you if you are interested or not.

  • Mental Health
  • Yoga
  • Relationships
  • Animals (Especially pugs)
  • Photographs of nature and whatever attracts my attention.
  • Music
  • Goal Setting
  • Treatment for Mental Illness
  • Recovery Journey
  • Food
  • Nature

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid of only standing still.”