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5 Movies You Should Probably Watch

After not being able to make any posts these past few days due to things outside of my blog, I’ve decided to come back with another list article. I love making these, it’s a fun way to be creative with my interests and likes, and I’m able to share them with my readers. Today I will be sharing some movies that may catch your interest, and if you’ve already seen them, well, thanks for reading my article anyway! Hope you enjoy this little read.


  • Safe Haven (2013) 

This thriller slash drama movie is my all-time favorite romance movie. The story of this movie is by Nicholas Sparks, and as well all know, Nicholas Sparks books are ultimately the best. Every book written by him, his phenomenal, as well as the movies based off of his books. There isn’t one book or film that has failed to impress me, or make me tear up. Safe Haven is about a young woman named Katie, who is married to an abusive man, after a tragic accident during a fight, she flees the state as a runaway, she finds a new place, a new job, a new home, and falls in love with a man named Alex and his adorable, two young children. But eventually, her past comes back for her. It’s such an intense thriller, this movie will definitely keep your toes tensed and give you chills throughout your spine. You’re going to need some tissues for this movie.


  • Labyrinth (1986)

Labyrinth is my ultimate favorite movie. Out of all the movies in the world, this will always be my favorite. I’ve watched Labyrinth probably over 100 times by now, and I am still not bored by it. Speaking of which, it’s in theaters for it’s 30th anniversary, and guess who’s going? Me! Labyrinth is about a young girl named Sarah, who is pretty much obsessed with this book, The Labyrinth. She loves to recite ever word of the book, and dress up as the characters to reenact the book, as well. One night, Sarah is baby sitting her baby brother while her father and step mother go out, Toby (the baby), is crying non-stop, and she recites the lines from the book to him, jokingly, she calls out the Goblin King to take the baby away, she leaves the room, and Toby immediately stops crying. She returns to find he is missing. Jareth (Goblin King/David Bowie), shows up and explains that if she wants her baby brother back, she needs to complete his Labyrinth within 13 hours. This movie is absolutely amusing and adorable. I love the costumes, the setting, the plot, everything about this movie. Certainly, a childhood favorite.


  • Juno (2007)

Of course, another of my favorite movies, also another movie that I can watch on loop and never get bored of watching. This movie is a great little teen comedy, and a good movie to watch when you need a laugh. Juno is a movie about a young girl, named Juno, who loses her virginity to her best friend, Paulie Bleaker, and ends up getting knocked up. Poor Juno, changes her mind on aborting the baby, and decides to give it up for adoption to a couple who has been trying to get pregnant since marriage with no luck, and failed adoptions. It’s a super adorable and amusing comedy that will not fail to put a smile on your face. Besides, who doesn’t love an Ellen Page movie?


  • Rock Star (2001)

Mark Wahlberg (Chris “Izzy”) and Jennifer Aniston (Emily) kill it in this early-2000’s comedic drama. Rock Star is about a tribute band for Steel Dragon. A band that Chris idolizes, to a whole new level. Especially, when Chris is chosen to replace the lead singer of Steel Dragon. Chris falls into the sex, drugs, and rock & roll trap and his life dramatically changes. It’s a perfect film for those who enjoy classic rock, and Mark Wahlberg. The romance between Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston is too cute, also!


  • The Perfect Storm (2000)

The Perfect Storm is yet another wonderful Mark Wahlberg movie. It’s based on the true story of a group of men who set sail to sea and risk their lives seeking fish, little do they know that this would change the lives of their loved ones, facing a disastrous, raging storm. The Perfect Storm is a real tear-jerker. I don’t think any movie has made me cry as much as this one did. If you’re looking for an overpowering drama or thriller, this movie is definitely for you. The fact this movie is based on a true story, makes it even more intense!


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