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Delayed Posts and Anxiety

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to apologize for not posting as often as there’s been a lot going on outside of my blog which I usually wouldn’t post things like these but I also am very dedicated to this blog and I want that to truly be seen. 
I’ve been under a lot of stress which has been causing horrible anxiety and my eating restrictions were bothering me pretty bad. I’ve just been taking care of myself and doing what I can to get through each and everyday. 

I’ve been doing okay for the most part, but today was a pain I had finally went down to the Social Security Administration and I was there for over two hours just to be told my court orders for my name changed were photo copied and I needed the certified papers. So my mom gave me the one she had that the court gave her that was certified and I’m bringing it down Monday, I have a skip the line pass so I don’t have to wait forever, thank god. 

But unfortunately I left with a really really horrible anxiety attack, probably one of the worst of had in awhile and it was really hard, I’m surprised I’m not restricting or still having that attack. I’m doing okay right now, I have some really busy days ahead of me but I’ll try to get some articles up when I can get some spare time. 

So that’s all for now. Just wanted to clarify I’m here and still committed.

Thanks so much for acknowledging and reading my posts! Brainstorming some awesome ideas for you! 



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