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Pugs: Why You Should Own One

Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to explain why you should own a pug, I mean, come on now, how could you resist those pushed in noses and big, beady eyes? Did I mention, the wrinkles and the rolls? They’re completely irresistible.


  1. Pug Sounds

“Is there a pig somewhere in the house? I could’ve sworn I just heard a pig snort..” If you’re a first time pug owner, you’ll probably be convinced your pug is a pig for the first few months. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried while laughing because of how loud my pug snorts, and how similar it is to a pig snort. Also, don’t forget the pug snores. I didn’t know dogs could snore, as I’ve never been a dog owner until 2014, and the older my pug got, the louder the snores became. Yes, they snore, probably louder than you do.


2. Your Pug Companion

If you are a pug owner, you won’t have to worry about ever being lonely while at home. Pugs are clingy, and I can confirm that myself, as a pug owner. Pugs like to snuggle up to your butt, follow you to the bathroom, and even try to take a shower with you. Pugs need constant attention, they are very needy, so don’t be upset or bothered by your pug always following you around, instead be grateful, he’s your pug companion, your little buddy. He loves you and wants to be near you, how cute is that?


3. Food Stealing

Don’t be surprised if you turn away from your food for a split second, just to come to find that the last bite of your sandwich is gone, and your pug is too, more than likely trying to store it for later. Don’t leave your food by itself with a pug around, first thing you look or walk away, that food is no longer your’s. Pugs are piggies, not only to the snort like a pig, but the eat like one, too.


4. The Tough Act

Who could resist a small pug that thinks he’s scary enough to scare away anything within a 100 foot radius? At least as a pug owner you know your pug has the intentions of wanting to protect his human. I can’t even find the words to describe how hilarious it is watching a tiny little pug get so worked up, with this obnoxious bark, hair standing up on his back, acting all big and bad because someone is jogging past your house. If anyone walks past his eye, they are immediately a threat and need to be scared off. No exceptions.


5. The People Puppy

Pugs tend to get along with most other animals and people. But it’s how the other animals feel about him. If you would like a buddy for your pug, I’d suggest getting them both as puppies, or kittens if you’d prefer a kitty buddy. I have both a pug and a kitten, they are both two years old, and get along phenomenally, but as for my two very old cats, they do not enjoy the company of my pug, and tend to beat him up. Pugs typically get along with most people, don’t feel threatened if one won’t stop barking at you, just make sure to stick your hand out to let him get a whiff, don’t pose a threat, it’s the way you present yourself to him, show him you’re not a bad guy, eventually he will warm up to you, usually they bark because they’re excited, pay attention to the tail, if it’s wagging, he’s probably excited to see you.

“Once a pug leaps into your life, it’s hard to remember what life was like without them.”



5 thoughts on “Pugs: Why You Should Own One

  1. I too own a pug and till this date I thought it was only my pug who acts crazy.. But thanks to your article I now understand that it’s not craziness but just.. You know.. “puginess “.

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