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Who Am I and Why am I Blogging? 

There is nothing more awkward and intensifying as a first blog post. You’re stuck between this is not going to be seen by anyone, but there’s that chance someone will, and when you think of it, your stomach fills up with anxiety, because you want your first blog post to be perfect for that reader. Am I right? No kidding. A brief summary of who I am for starters would be great. I’m Raven, I am from Minneapolis, but I dream of moving to San Diego in the near future. I am eighteen, I love art, writing, and yoga, I have a crazy pug and kitten, I’ve been in a fantastic relationship for over two years. I’ve been writing a lot since I was really little. It’s something I am very passionate about and always have been.

I battle anxiety and panic disorder, as I write this, I am at the end of my fourth week of treatment for my mental illness. I’ve been in two different treatment facilities since the first of April. It’s been a roller coaster. Especially when you’re misdiagnosed with an eating disorder, spent 20 weeks with an “eating disorder specialist” and I put quotations because he clearly knew nothing about eating disorders, considering I was misdiagnosed, and I am at last, in a treatment that is just perfect for me. I am happy. It’s been chaotic, as I stated before, a roller coaster. It’s been a roller coaster of self discovery, relapse, meeting fantastic people, and learning to accept my illness and being happy with myself. I journal everyday, and I want to start journaling through a blog, as well. I enjoy finding new ways to express myself. I am very open about my struggles, and my life in general. I recently started documenting my healing, self reflection means so much to me.

In conclusion, I am here, blogging, because writing is a hobby I am very passionate about. I want to record my everyday life and reflect on it. Heck, even just for entertainment of not only myself, but others. Even if no one reads my rambles and whatever shenanigans I post, I will still find some sort of fun out of it. You never know who could relate or find your babbles useful.

“If you worry about what people think about you, you’re never going to be happy with who you are. You just have to do what ever makes you feel good about yourself; you don’t need the approval from everyone else.”

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