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Coming up With a Blog Name

large.pngChoosing a blog name is one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever tried to accomplish. I’ve always struggled with picking a username, title, url, or anything related to those three things. I think it’s because we’re so far into social media, I mean come on now, it’s 2016, the majority of usernames are pretty much all taken up by now. Scoring a good username is extremely rare, but, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Why? Because, it tests your creativity. You can use your imagination to come up with something wild, beautiful, unique, and last but not least..


That is how I came up with A Day in a Yogi’s Life. Everything about my blog, all the way down to the title, shows my personality. It screams out uniqueness and creativity. A Day in a Yogi’s Life was created out of my love for yoga and meditation. Something that is relatively new in my life right now, but I enjoy it the more that I expand my knowledge and practice. I consider myself a Yogi, which is a yoga term, of someone who does practice yoga. That’s my definition of it, anyways. You can see it however you would like. I am a Yogi, and this blog is related to my everyday life. Even if it isn’t just me talking about how my day goes, every single day, in perfect detail. But simply by the topics. In each topic, you’ll find details of my life, whether it is a piece from the current day, or something from the past that is related, you name it. It’s extremely excited and interesting how I can blog creative topics and still be able to make it personal and express myself.

A very crucial tip to choosing a name, if you ask me personally, I’d say would be to mash in your interests, think of your hobbies and skills, put these things together and that is how you’ll come up with something creative. For example, my Tumblr URL is lazarusstardust. What I did there was mash my favorite David Bowie song with one of his personality characters. Ziggy Stardust (My pug is also named after Ziggy Stardust). I see it as a way to personalize your social media, or you can simply just go with your name, that’s okay too!

I choose this headline photo because as I have stated, choosing a blog name is so so so incredibly hard and the first thing that comes to mind while trying to create ANY sort of social media for that matter and having to come up with a name is “How about no!” No thank you, it hurts my brain. I could spend hours trying to come up with a name for my social media and I’ve been to the point of just not even creating certain social media accounts because of choosing a name. But, if you dig deep into your imagination, you may be able to pull something out. Just keep looking! It doesn’t hurt to use generators or look online for some ideas!

“People believe thinking outside the box takes intelligence and creativity, but it’s mostly about independence.”

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